Ativan – A Medication to Reduce the Risk of Depression

Ativan has several contraindications associated with it out of which renal failure, lung disease, and acute angle-closure glaucoma are some of the prominent ones. However, the use of Ativan has not been restricted for patients with open-angle glaucoma.


Ativan in its capacity can also bring in unfavorable effects like suicidal thoughts and also put users in depression. Hence, people using Ativan must seek the consultation of psychiatrists during treatment with this medication.


  • Ativan must be administered with caution in pregnant people and certain precautionary measures have to be in place for assistance.
  • The continuation of Ativan in women becomes pregnant during the treatment course must be well assessed considering all benefits and risks before any decision is made.
  • If pregnant women experience only minimal seizures with low intensity and frequency, they can very well stop using the medication until the pregnancy period is completed.
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to consume Ativan for panic disorders.


The clinical trials show less chance of drug interactions when Ativan is used with other selected anticonvulsants. However, you can consult a doctor for more information on the same as to which other drugs could be used in combination with Ativan without larger interactions.


Also, on a broader spectrum, the Ativan medication doesn’t go well with barbiturates, antipsychotic medications, MAO inhibitors and alcohol, where increased adverse effects can be witnessed.


Ativan has been approved as a safe medication after several clinical trials that proved its efficiency to treat anxiety, panic attacks and especially the epileptic seizures, where the frequency and intensity are reduced considerably.


The medication is now mostly manufactured and supplied by the pharma giant MYLAN. Ativan is predominantly marketed in the US under this name and it can be found in other countries of the world under different trade names such as Lorazepam, Tavor, Tempesta, etc.


Online dispensaries are blooming today and Ativan can be ordered from these online drug stores for faster delivery. Apart from the advantage that these online stores deliver medication to European countries and other parts of the world apart from the US, you can also make use of the opportunity to buy Ativan at a very cheap price with discounts.